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Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden

In the world there is a variety of forms for the artistic display of the inner world of man. New revolutionary ideas appeared that were contrary to established classical forms.

Brush masters shocked even knowledgeable art critics. Their paintings completely denied the artistic heritage that remained of their talented predecessors, and tried to go down in history with the help of shocking and breaking stereotypes.

Contemporary art in a modern museum

It soon became clear that modern museums should appear in contemporary art. In order to exhibit the works of representatives of the “new wave”, rich philanthropists appeared in specialized institutions, who, with the help of “advanced” art critics, began to open museums of modern art. One of these institutions has become Museum of Modern Art in the capital of Sweden.

The building of the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art stands on the island of Shepsholmen, which translates as Sudovy island. This Museum is a branch of the National Museum of the Swedish capital.

The opening of the "harbor" of contemporary art took place in May 1958. Then he was led by Pontus Hulten. The museum building itself was built in 1852. Its construction was carried out by the architect Frederick Bloom. At that time, this building housed a gymnastics hall intended for representatives of the Swedish navy.

After some time, the architect Ulson created a new building project specifically for the location of the museum in it. At the entrance to the room there was a sculptural sculpture, which was created by Alexander Calder.

In 1971, the Swedish Museum of Photography was located in the same building. And after a while, the studio of children's creativity began to operate in the museum.

Big names of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm

In the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art there are paintings by the best artists of this direction from European countries and the USA. A lot of space is given to the artworks of local painters. Works are placed in the halls in chronological order, starting in 1901.

The Museum of Modern Art, as it were, takes the baton from the National Museum and continues the historical development of art in the new century. The pearls of the museum’s exposition are considered to be the works of such recognized masters as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Georges Braque and many other geniuses of fine art of the 20th century.

Museum exhibitions are designed in such a way that you can follow the development of artistic thought from the beginning of the last century to the beginning of this century. The exhibition includes symbolic works by Vasily Kandinsky and Edward Munch, abstract art by Jackson Pollock and pop art paintings by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

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