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Ibsen Museum in Oslo: hats, glasses and dramaturgy

Ibsen Museum in Oslo: hats, glasses and dramaturgy

This young, but refined and very creative museum is located next to the royal palace in the heart of the Norwegian capital. It took the Norwegians a hundred years to open the memorial house-museum of their most famous writer. The state, of course, helped with the restoration of the building, funds for the redemption of some exhibits, but the Norwegians themselves became the main creators of the museum. The exposition was collected bit by bit. Interiors were recreated from descriptions and remains found by archaeologists.

Henryk Ibsen for a resident of the country of trolls - it's like Pushkin for a Russian. The man who glorified his country in dramaturgy, which is now considered an integral part of world culture, was not immediately understood and accepted by society. The whole life of the playwright was like a battle with the outside world. His view of morality, religion, justice - were completely revolutionary for the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The museum opened in 1990. The exposition consists of Ibsen’s many personal belongings (the dramatist’s family, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren conveyed a lot), photographs, manuscripts, and sketches. But this is not the most important thing. The museum has a literary salon, which regularly hosts literary evenings gathering Oslo's most sophisticated audience. It is known that even members of the royal family love to be present at these events.

Particular attention is attracted by the public two famous playwright collections - frogs and trolls. The figures inspired the playwright. If the thought was interrupted, Ibsen looked at the freaks and croaks for a long time, and then returned to the desk again.
The museum provides services of an English-speaking guide.

Entrance fee - 50 CZK. Children (under 20!) Have the right to visit the museum for free. The museum has been reconstructed and updated over the past few years, so the operating time has been reduced. Officially, in the summer the museum is open from 11 to 16 hours. Group visits at other times are possible upon reservation.

Creative evenings in museum halls are arranged by Norwegian actors and directors. If you wish, you can attend an acting or directing master class.

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