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Picture Wind Bride, Oscar Kokoschka

Picture Wind Bride, Oscar Kokoschka

The bride of the wind is Oscar Kokoschka. 181x220cm

There was no better known couple in Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century. Wild artist and fam fatal of the art world, the merry widow of Gustav Mahler. A stormy romance, scandals, steamy tricks - the light never ceased to be amazed at their union. It is no coincidence that the most famous work of Oscar Kokoschka was a picture in which lovers are depicted together.

A sleeping couple of interlaced bodies in a stormy ocean. The society, impressed by the terrible loss of Titanic passengers, saw in this work an allusion to the most tragic technological disaster of the century. The picture was painted at the moment when the relationship of the lovers was supposed to end. The artist made his last attempt to keep Alma near him, painted a picture in which they will always be together.

The contrast between the peace of the couple in love and the seething ocean makes this work temperamental and tragic. The deformation of space characteristic of expressionists is dramatic and emotionally saturated. On the other hand - the color scheme of the work, consisting of cold shades of blue - balances the emotional background, allows the viewer to calmly examine all the details of the work.

The male figure looks lifeless, and the female is full of life-giving strength, tenderness and warmth. The author himself claimed that the picture carries the idea of ​​an eternal union and the inextricability of relations.

Alma, after breaking up with Kokoshka, had never seen him. Having married twice more, she ended her life in America.

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