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Venice. View of Schiavoni Promenade, Camille Corot, 1834

Venice. View of Schiavoni Promenade, Camille Corot, 1834

Venice. Canvas, oil

The work was created during one of the artist’s visits to Italy. The facades of chic palaces and a column with a proud symbol of the once powerful and rich city look like a monumental decoration. At the marina, small fishing vessels were replaced by large merchant ships.

There are no people working on the square, only city dwellers and a few tramps. A small group near the column resembles a handful of tourists carefully examining the horizon, watching the leader’s gesture.

The embankment is flooded with sun, judging by the shadows, evening comes. The windows of the palaces are covered with curtains, the inhabitants are hiding from the summer heat.

The whole landscape seemed to fade, as Venice itself also faded, having lost its former power in sea voyages and the holds of the ships of brave merchants. Light provincialism shines through the whole atmosphere of the landscape.

The sky has lost its color. It is hazy, the clouds barely reflect the rays of the setting sun. And only the sea retained the freshness and brightness of colors.

Former greatness and current desolation: two main themes that excite the imagination of the artist and the audience. Sadness and nostalgia for the best of times is the main idea of ​​work.

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