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The Taming of the Bulls, Theodore Gericault, 1817

The Taming of the Bulls, Theodore Gericault, 1817

Taming the bulls - Theodore Gericault. Canvas, oil

The painting was created by the master after returning from a trip to Italy. The work is full of influence of Italian painting. People brutally suppress the attempt of the bulls to break free. Animal riot is doomed to failure. People are decisive and merciless. Bulls are desperate to gain freedom.

The emotional intensity of the picture makes it consonant with the Baroque painting, but the expressive means, simple and accurate, allow the picture to be attributed to both classicism and romantic trends. As you know, the master created his canvases at a time when the new style did not take shape completely.

Colorful red color fields make the atmosphere of work dramatic and expressive. Compositionally, all the action of the work is placed in the lower part of the canvas. The upper part is completely freed from any action. There is only sky and roofs of houses.

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