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Elk Island in Sokolniki, Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov

Elk Island in Sokolniki, Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov

Elk Island in Sokolniki - Savrasov. 62x215; 88 cm

One of Savrasov’s most famous works (after the Rooks, of course) is the landscape “Elk Island in Sokolniki.” The painting underwent three renames at one time: in 1870, the canvas first appeared in front of the audience under the name “View of a pine grove” and won the first the prize, in 1871, it was already signed by Sokolniki, and a few years later, at the first exhibition of the Wanderers, the canvas was called Elk Island.

The painting was created in the late 1860s and coincided with a new period in the artist's work - he switched from the romantic hobbies of youth to realism, enriched by a certain symbolism and magical metaphysics.

The main character of the picture is a pine forest. Slender trees are tall and straight, as if upturned to the sky, give the picture monumentality. In front of the forest there is a meadow on which a herd of cows is grazing measuredly. The cloudy sky, coupled with puddles in the foreground, gives a certain gloom and anxiety, however, the master does not "strike" the utmost philosophical, but resorted to detailing the plot - all the vegetation was written out very carefully and accurately.

The first time it was presented to the public, the picture received a positive assessment, and it was not even the first prize, but the fact that the canvas was immediately acquired by Tretyakov, a fine connoisseur and art connoisseur. It was the most telling mark.

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