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Interrupted date, Bryullov - description of the painting

Interrupted date, Bryullov - description of the painting

Interrupted date - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (Water already runs over the edge). Cardboard, watercolor, graphic pencil, 23 x 187 cm

In the 1820s, touring Italy, Bryullov was fond of genre painting, and often chose the watercolor technique for himself. At the beginning of the decade, the first watercolor “Interrupted date” appears (there will be two of them with the same name).

The work immediately attracts attention - the artist goes beyond the scope of entertaining scenes designed to decorate the album. In addition to a special presentation and a new interpretation of the genre, the master’s style is also surprising - the lyrical scene, which displays a short meeting of two lovers, permeates a bright light, and is also characterized by the accuracy of the drawing and the realistic pose. Bryullov was the first to draw public attention to watercolor, as a way of embodying chamber scenes, which at the same time has an intelligible, understandable language.

A second watercolor called “First Date” appeared in the late 1820s. It should be noted that this work is more famous. The second name of the picture is "Water runs over the edge."

From the first minutes of looking at the picture, you begin to wonder how many “talking” details have been displayed here. This is not an easy genre sketch in the watercolor technique, but a whole story. The two young Italians in love met at the well, but their tender date was interrupted by the girl’s mother, suddenly appearing at the window. The guy is embarrassed and upset, and the girl is so wilted that she does not notice that the water has long reached the edges of the bucket and overflows.

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