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Nurse Roy Lichtenstein - description of the painting

Nurse Roy Lichtenstein - description of the painting

Nurse - Roy Lichtenstein. 1964

This artist had a huge impact on the development of pop art. His paintings now cost fabulous money, and continue to impress the audience with their expressiveness with the utmost simplicity of visual means.

The canvas, sold for a record amount for the master, is an enlarged image of a woman's face in the form of a nurse. It is made in close-up and practically devoid of details; a woman’s specialty can be judged only by a specific headdress.

The mean and clear graphic lines on the canvas depict a young spectacular blonde with a short haircut, beautiful large blue eyes and a large sensual mouth. Only a few colors are involved in the picture - two shades of yellow (hair and background), white, black and two shades of pink (face and lips).

With such extremely simple colors without undertones and overflows, the artist achieves the maximum expressiveness of the picture. The alarmed expression on the nurse's face makes the viewer peer intently into her look.

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