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Don Quixote, Honore Daumier - description of the painting

Don Quixote, Honore Daumier - description of the painting

Don Quixote - Honore Daumier. 51 x 33 cm

Honore Daumier entered the history of fine art as a master-graphic artist, an outstanding cartoonist. Meanwhile, painting always attracted this extraordinary person, but because of the heavy workload in the magazine, he could not always follow his desires. Today, art historians are united - Daumier's contribution to painting is also quite significant, because with paints and canvas he felt as free as creating his lithographs. Some even show that it was Daumier who was essentially the first Impressionist.

The most famous of the master’s creations in painting technique is a series of works dedicated to Don Quixote.

The image of Don Quixote, as a funny and physically weak person who very keenly feels the injustice of the world around him and demonstrates the strength of mind over the strength of the body, is transferred from Domier in a very original way. The author refused precise lines and a realistic image - the hero does not have a face, instead of clothes, generalized strokes, the texture of the environment is hardly guessed. Daumier demonstrates artistic grotesque to accurately convey the emotional component of the image. The master seems to want to say: here the figure of a person is absolutely not important - he seeks to convey the figurative, semantic essence of Don Quixote.

But the most amazing thing is that through this generalization, the author was quite realistically and emotionally able to convey the world-famous literary character. Against the background of the Spanish landscape, a nag moves, vaguely reminiscent of a horse, but on top sits a real knight with a proud posture and a thin spear aimed at the sky. This, without a doubt, is Don Quixote, although faceless, but to become who “breathes” nobility and generosity.

Honore Daumier, a master-graphic artist who very subtly felt and experienced injustice and cruelty, did not need an exact drawing, because we ourselves can see the visible - the master reveals to us the invisible and this is the main value of his special interpretation of Don Quixote.

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