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“River landscape”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

“River landscape”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

River landscape - Fritz Taulov

If you wondered which of the artists drew the best water of all, then this painting could be the answer - “River Landscape” by Fritz Taulov.

The composition of the work is quite traditional for the Norwegian impressionist. The viewer seems to be standing in the middle of a narrow river, fixing his gaze after the outgoing current, which, curving, makes a smooth turn to the left. The direction of the river can be guessed by the position of river vegetation - thin grass off the coast. Such a construction makes it possible to picturesquely represent many elements - the river itself and in the near approximation, and in the distant, steep coast, buildings on the shore. It would seem that such an ordinary place with not the most magnificent landscape, but how much poetry, admiring, real beauty is here ...

And, of course, the river is the “main character” of the canvas. The painter Taulov instilled a love of water in himself from a young age, when his teacher was the excellent marine painter Karl Frederic Sørensen. Everything in the work is written talented and emotionally, but the water surface is unsurpassed precisely, filigree. You can notice every roughness, bursts, small whirlpools characteristic of rivers. The matte surface at the legs at a distance receives a mirror shine, which reflects the autumn, almost sunless sky. This transition is written out very carefully and realistically.

The remaining "characters" of this landscape are also not devoid of their natural charm - thin trees with bare branches, traditional houses and a pointed pedestal in the distance.

The color scheme is close to real tones. In general, Fritz Taulov is a unique figure in the history of painting impressionism. Remaining true to the realistic traditions of writing, he adds the mood and subtle depiction of a light-air environment, characteristic of impressionists. He wrote in the open air, which is why his work is so truthful, with great love for the environment, which is why they are also so emotional.

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