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"Lilac", Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

Lilac - Konstantin Korovin. 73 x 92 cm

Why are lilac painters true?
Because there are enough shades for everyone.
Ershova Marina

Blooming lilacs inspired many artists. In this work, M.A. Vrubel, Pyotr Konchalovsky, I.E. Grabar and others. Each one had her own. Someone cut off in the morning, still preserving freshness and dew, another has a lush bouquet in a wicker basket, the third has a thin branch in a fragile glass vase, emphasizing the fleetingness of what is happening.

Konstantin Korovin also turned to this gentle, spring theme. Charming, with an artistic character, he was loved by the secular audience of his time. An outstanding artist never graduated from the Academy of Arts. His talent, writing technique, ideas did not fit into the average outline of learning. He experimented with genres and techniques for a long time. But the love of life and its fleeting moments helped him find himself in impressionism, and become one of the founders of this trend in Russia. Korovin brought a lot of his own, original throughout, which originated in French painting.

In 1915, the "Lilac" K.A. Korovin. This is a classic still life. On the table is a lush, multi-color bouquet. Nearby was a glass vase, but the branches in it did not fit. Therefore, a carafe for drinking water became a vessel.

Foreground objects are carefully registered. Ripe lemons, a greenish glass, a miniature vase and a magnificent jug delight the eye. Without exquisite details, but with clear and bright strokes, these objects were created.

The central part of the composition is the bouquet itself. Lush and fragrant, it occupies most of the canvas. There is no drawing details. Short and expressive strokes made inflorescences. Small multi-colored strokes merge into a harmonious picture. We must pay tribute to the author as an unsurpassed colorist.

The water in the vase is crystal clear, and the sun plays on the edges of the glass. It gives the impression of an early morning and a fresh, only cut bouquet. As a born impressionist, Konstantin Korovin was able to capture a fleeting piece of life and convey it in colors.

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