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Aviation Museum Laatzen-Hannover

Aviation Museum Laatzen-Hannover

The sky has always attracted people. In ancient times, they dreamed of flying and created fairy tales about an airplane carpet or magical devices in the form of winged sandals, the flying stupa of Baba Yaga and many other mysterious things.

With the beginning of aircraft construction, a new world opened up for humanity. There was an opportunity to move very quickly from one place to another, discover new lands and, unfortunately, more effectively kill each other. The First World War gave the world “ace from aces” Manfred von Richthofen, nicknamed “Red Baron” and many other great pilots, and also gave impetus to the further development of aviation.

Airplane at the entrance to the museum

Features of the Hannover Aviation Museum

To the credit of all mankind, it has managed to preserve even the earliest examples of aircraft. The Laatzen-Hanover Aviation Museum created in Germany offers visitors more 4500 exhibits from different timeslocated on a vast territory of 3500 m2. Here, the best examples of aviation equipment of different times and peoples have been carefully preserved. The exposition includes both the famous German Messerschmitt and Focke-Wulf planes, as well as the American Starfighters from the Korean and Vietnamese wars, the magnificent Soviet MIGs and many other masterpieces of the aviation industry.

The Aviation Museum is located near the exhibition center in Hanover, so finding it is quite easy.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday (from 10:00 to 17:00)
The ticket price is 9 euros.

The museum was founded by Gunther Leonhardt and is managed by an organization supported and sponsored by the Leonhardt family. This organization is an association in which a large number of volunteers work, devoting their time to preserving and expanding the collection, as well as creating convenient and comfortable conditions for visitors to exhibitions.

The Association cooperates with official authorities and private individuals, which allows it to constantly replenish and expand the range of exhibition designs, as well as to keep aircraft in perfect condition.


For tourists, convenient tours are organized in groups of 20-25 people. If there are more people, you can organize several parallel groups.

Tours are conducted in German and English. Specialists show the exposition in chronological order, starting from the moment the aircraft industry began to the present day. Information is given in great detail for each specific exhibit.

Employees work with international groups, individual tourists, and also provide special conditions for people with disabilities, for example, for the visually impaired. It is also possible to host children's groups.

The goal of the museum and the members of the managing association is to support and develop in every possible way the exhibition itself and the website for the presentation of history in most German aviation. The museum exists on donations and sponsors' money, entrance fees for visitors without receiving subsidies from the state budget.

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