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"Forest", Lars Herterwig - description of the painting

Forest - Lars Herterwig.

The dark, gloomy forest is fraught with many secrets, perhaps even dragons live in it. Here in the distance, some horned creatures appeared in the clearing - maybe deer, or maybe it's some kind of fabulous creations from a distant other world.

The impression of gloom is caused by the heavy, stormy sky and dark colors that depict mighty trees and deep ravines in the foreground. Is it just the weather or the mood of the artist, a reflection of his hectic soul and unhealthy mind? Who knows, this is a picture, and everyone is able to perceive the image in different ways.

In the foreground canvases captured old fallen trees. Young coniferous shoots, which actively cover bare patches of land, are slightly cast in silver and harmonize beautifully with dark brown, dark chocolate, earth.

A heavy, lead-gray sky is overcast and as if ready to rain on us. From the canvas and pulls the cold of the northern summer morning. But the general gloom of the picture is hidden by two subtle elements. These are charming creatures grazing at the edge of the forest, depicted in a few light strokes, and the dawn begins. It illuminates the thicket with a cool, slightly yellowish light, there is no heat in it, but it dispels gloom and cheers up, illuminating a distant mountain range.

But the thick thicket located in the middle ground of the picture is full of darkness, and the huge pine trees seem to wriggle in convulsions of pain and fear. Densely standing trees merge into a continuous mass. Behind this wall you can hide not only a herd of deer, but also hide a whole mysterious and mysterious world that lives according to very special laws of life. No, dragons still live there.

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