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“The Legible Bride”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

“The Legible Bride”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

The picky bride is Pavel Fedotov. 37 x 45 cm

A magnificent picture was created by Pavel Fedotov! An interesting plot scene attracts the attention of viewers. A woman sits on a chair in a room with a luxurious interior. She is dressed in a beautiful, magnificent dress in the style of the year before last; an expensive necklace on the neck; rings on the hand. Her face is nice and pretty. Hair is neatly gathered in a bun, eyebrows are spread, eyes are down, fresh, delicate blush on cheeks. She smiles slightly at the gentleman and thinks about their future relationship.

A middle-aged man with a bald head beginning to appear and a hump on his back is kneeling in front of her and holding a lady's hand. He looks simple and inconspicuous, offering a woman a hand and a heart, but is full of firmness and determination in his intentions. The lady is very sympathetic to him and he is seeking her favor. The man is dressed in a black jacket and blue trousers, his shoes are polished to a shine. A hat, gloves and a long cane lie next to him. He threw them in a fit of his senses.

The court is watching them behind the screen. They are interested in how the love scene will end, and whether the mistress of the house will choose an unusual groom. The woman is very condescending to her gentleman. She sees his physical defect, but does not refuse the fan. The lady calmly listens to his speeches and is gracious with him.

The picture is painted in light gray colors, using red, burgundy, raspberry and brown colors. The artist worked on it for a long time and hard. He splendidly depicted the home interior of the baroque room. Self-portraits hang on the walls in gilded frames; in the corner rises a chic, white mirror with silver candlesticks; on the bedside table there is a cage with a large, green parrot. At the entrance there is a sculptural stele and a table with cutlery.

Masters brushes created a comic canvas. And the plot can only guess how this comedic action will end.

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