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"Forest Glade", Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin - description of the painting

Forest glade - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 81.5 x 109 cm

The painter Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin has many pictures of the nature of his native land, pine forests and mighty oaks, but, perhaps, the landscape "Forest Glade" stands out from the widest collection of works by the author.

It would seem that this is a typical place of the Russian side, but how light, gentle and quivering this corner of natural beauty appears before the viewer, thanks to the talented brush of the artist.

The sky shining with piercing blue, with floating air clouds. Young green leaves and grass, pleasing to the eye with its juiciness. White flowers, so weightless, are scattered throughout the meadow. Transparent colors and sunlight, creating a festive and joyful mood.

All together, this gives the landscape a natural, almost photographic, and the very first impression of what he saw, an emotionality that is characteristic of the impressionists, but not often used by Shishkin, since he is still a representative of the Dusseldorf school.

The landscape of the forest glade turned out to be very soulful, fresh and inspirational, filled with harmony and understanding of the strength and beauty of the surrounding nature. How much light and air in this wonderful place, filled with the smells of summer herbs.

Each tree and each shrub is carefully written out. Thanks to multidirectional smearing, the foliage of the trees “plays”, trembles and shimmers with various shades.

At all the exhibitions where this picture of Shishkin participated, it made an unchanging impression and was always popular with the audience. And it’s clear why. After all, such masterpiece works fall in love with everyone who cherishes the expanses, forests and endless plains of the Russian side. They give childhood memories, the desire to fall into the fragrant grass and drown in the infinity of celestial azure.

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