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“Gulf of Naples”, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“Gulf of Naples”, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky - description of the painting

Gulf of Naples - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 73 x 108 cm

After graduating from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky goes on an internship in Italy. The magnificent nature and beauty of the coast fascinated the painter so much that he would paint Italian landscapes throughout his life.

With a magnificent visual memory, he will be able to convey in his paintings all his impressions, depicting what he saw in the smallest details, conveying all the subtlest shades of color, the play of light and shadows.

This is one of the paintings he painted during his first trip to Italy - a view of the Gulf of Naples.

Southern warm evening. The azure color of the high sky darkens, turning blue. Through the tears of low dense clouds gathering near the horizon, the setting sun shines brightly. Its rays paint the sky in delicate lemon-yellow hues, reflected on the calm sea surface. And only at the very horizon light lilac shadows are visible, making the transition from the water surface to the air invisible. The pale purple outlines of the islands dissolve in the haze, barely noticeable in the foggy distance, white sails.

A small ripple is visible on the sea, trembling, the sunny path shimmers with warm golden amber colors.

Swinging slightly on the waves, the two-masted ship is anchored. Almost all the sails have already been lowered, the team will have a night's rest. Blue shadows lie on a large canopy, covering the deck from the scorching sun. Getting ready to set sail last boat. A gentle wind barely moves a red flag on a high mast.

A small boat approaches the shore, rowers work harmoniously. Tired fishermen are sitting relaxed nearby. Tranquility, peace. The noise of the evening city comes from the shore, the heated air is filled with the fresh smell of the sea. The screams of snow-white gulls flying low over almost imperceptible waves are audible. Evening shadows fall on the water, and only sunbeams still play merrily on the sea ripples, but shine on the water droplets tearing off the oars.

A characteristic feature of the artist’s creativity is a minimum of colors: blue, yellow and brown. However, thanks to his picturesque craftsmanship and talent, he manages to create such a variety of shades, make the transitions between them so inconspicuous, why the landscape is filled with warm sunlight, such a real, living sea breathes measuredly, the sky shines with delicate opal colors.

The picture captivates with its quiet charm, soft soulfulness and romanticism, delights with its naturalness, harmony of man and sea.

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