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Museums in France

Museums in France

France is a very interesting, mysterious country, which everyone would like to visit. In Paris alone, there are more than one hundred museums that are known throughout the world. There are many art galleries in Lyon, where not only paintings by French artists, but also other European painters are represented.

If you do not know where to go on vacation, then the decision should come by itself. It’s not necessary to go to the very center of the country. You can wander through small-town towns and villages, enjoy beautiful French views, imagine yourself an artist, chat with the indigenous population, which, incidentally, is very cultural and very peculiar.

By visiting museums in France You will get a lot of positive emotions, and you will definitely come back here a few more times. It is in France that most of the world's famous museums are located. What is the Louvre alone, for the sake of which it is already possible to go here. Enjoy your days in French territory.

Fragonard Perfume Museum, Paris, France

Museum business has always been part of politics. It is no coincidence that many state museums have free admission for visitors. Each country uses such an advertising move, presenting its history in the most exciting light, attracting tourists from all over the world. If the state does this, then God himself ordered the private entrepreneur to do the same.

Rodin Museum in Paris, France

Not far from the Invalides, in the heart of Paris, surrounded by a magnificent park, stands the Biron mansion. Here is the museum of the sculptor, who devoted most of his creative life to the main masterpiece - the Gates of Hell. Working on this amazing work commissioned by the Paris city authorities, the master created many sculptural sketches, fragments, sketches, samples. Now each of the works is unconditionally recognized as a masterpiece of world art. It's about Auguste Rodin.

House of Invalids, Paris, France

The Paris House of Invalids is one of the most visited museum complexes in Paris. A unique place, the most pathos shelter for retired soldiers, created by order of Louis XIV. The king was tired of beggars and thieves from among the once brave soldiers of His Majesty. There were enough wars, but no one solved the problem of retired military and disabled people.

Museum of Sewerage, France, Paris

Those wishing to go to Paris are primarily attracted by the famous Eiffel Tower, however. not many people know that the city is famous for other attractions, and one of them will be discussed in our article.

The Paris Sewer Museum is an amazing place, showing visitors the story of the creation of sewer pipes in Paris.

Jacquemart-Andre Museum, France, Paris

In Paris, there is the Jacquemart-Andre Museum, which differs quite significantly from other museums in France. It reigns in peace and comfort. The museum was created in the house where Edward Andre and Nely Jacquard lived. They were husband and wife.

State Museum of Modern Art, France, Paris

The State Museum of Modern Art in Paris is part of the center of Georges Pompidou. In French, the name of the museum is: Musée national d’Art moderne. The museum occupies two floors in the center - 4 and 5. It already has more than 60,000 thousand works, including painting, sculpture and other forms of art. The museum's collection is constantly updated.

Center Georges Pompidou, France, Paris

The center of Georges Pompidou is one of the most famous sights of Paris. The complex is relatively young, opened in 1977 (at the initiative of the famous French politician - Georges Pompidou), but is already known to the whole world and is very fond of Parisians. Architects - Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. They diversified the Parisian building with a new high-tech building, which could not cause various disputes in society. Many claimed that a complex with such a design not only does not look, and simply does not fit into the general view of other buildings in the city. Over time, residents have become accustomed to this miracle of Paris, and more than 30 years have passed since the center of Georges Pompidou pleases tourists from all over the world.

Museums of Mont Saint-Michel Castle, France

Mont Saint-Michel Castle appeared in the 11th century on a small island near the Cusnon River. Despite the small territory of the island, the castle has several magnificent museums, so visitors will have something to see, in addition, the castle itself is very funny in its architecture and is of interest to many.

Museum of Fine Arts, France, Rouen

The Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen began to exist in 1789, when France ceased to be a monarchy and all works of art were nationalized. The decree of 1790 obliged a specially created commission to carry out an inventory of all cultural values ​​and distribute them to museums and galleries. Of course, it is not surprising that most of the paintings and exhibits remained in Paris, in the Louvre. The remaining paintings were distributed to provincial museums.

Museum of Oriental Arts (Guimet Museum), Paris, France

This museum was founded by a Frenchman who was interested in the religion of other countries. The museum was founded in 1889. It is located almost opposite the Eiffel Tower, only on the other side of the Seine. Visitors are greeted by a magnificent sitting statue 5 meters high. It belongs to the era of the Khmer Empire, which existed from the 9th to the 15th centuries. and was in the territory of modern Cambodia.

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